What’s new in Bondi

Sculpture by the Sea 2015

Bondi’s annual Sculpture by the Sea event begins this week on October 22. I can’t believe it’s been a year since I last woke up at the crack of dawn (on multiple mornings) to lie in an awkward [Read more]

What’s New Bondi weekly news roundup

The best of Bondi news linkage from around the web – quick links to my top Bondi news reads of the week (WARNING: some articles may be nothing more than z-list celebrity spotting and fluff, but who needs heavy [Read more]

Saving our planet, one bikini at a time

Do you ever wonder where your recycled plastic bottles go to once you put them in the recycling bin? Or ponder whether your attempts to separate your empty tins of tomatoes, drained milk cartons and old newspapers into [Read more]

‘Art at the water’s edge’ exhibition

It seems that the beach is about to be blown away this week and I wonder whether any sand will be left by the weekend. Thankfully we have the Bondi Pavilion’s free gallery exhibitions to keep us entertained while [Read more]
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