Beach Life

Whale watching in Bondi

It’s easy to wish the winter months away, dreaming of the warmth and endless outdoor fun of summer. Can’t we all just turn into bears and hibernate until daylight saving starts again? Thankfully there [Read more]

The secret to soft sand running

Every so often I manage to wrench myself out of my cosy bed to enjoy the glorious sunrise on Bondi beach. Already amazed by the vast number of people who achieve this feat every morning, I marvel at the uber fit beings [Read more]

Getting behind the next selfie trend

Love them or loathe them, selfie sticks have moved on from being the exclusive domain of the tour group visitor and pouting teen, to becoming a main stream purchase for everyone from hipsters to fashionistas to mums [Read more]

99 problems but your beach bag ain’t one

WHAT: New beach bags designed by local beach lover Jo Balfour WHERE: Available at Bondi Markets or online There are 99 problems that could occur to spoil your day at the beach, (most of them caused by sand…) but [Read more]

6 ways to blow up your summer fun

Yesterday I watched on as two hot models wrestled with a giant flamingo and duck while trying to look beautiful for a photo shoot at Bondi Beach. It seems that you can’t have fun in the water this summer without [Read more]
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