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Campbell Parade to receive make-over

Campbell Parade is to receive a much needed make-over in the form of new street furniture, thanks to the development of the former Swiss Grand site (now called the Pacific). Architect’s drawings and impressions of [Read more]

The art of recovery

Have you ever woken up in the morning with a feeling that you just couldn’t drag yourself out of bed? I’m sure that we all have, especially on a Monday! For Bondi resident Rosie Apps that feeling of lethargy [Read more]

SUV2 and Atlas cafe – fond farewells

Just a quick post to acknowledge the sad closures of two of Bondi’s much loved local hangs over the last fortnight; SUV2 on Campbell Parade and Atlas cafe on Hall Street. It must be a tough gig running a cafe, [Read more]

Naturally Australian with Bondi Wash

Like many people, I find that mainstream household cleaning products can irritate my nose and throat. I was excited when I came across the Bondi Wash range of natural products on Instagram late last year and wanted to [Read more]

Two dogs in Bondi

This week I had the pleasure of reading a fabulous children’s book set in Bondi. Written by Bondi resident and freelance writer Therese Waters, Two dogs in Bondi is a beautifully illustrated tale of friendship and [Read more]

Bondi Hipsters to hit the big screen

Brothers Christiaan and Connor Van Vuuren, otherwise known as the Bondi Hipsters, have won a Screen Australia grant to produce a Bondi Hipsters movie. According to the Daily Telegraph, the Van Vuuren brothers were [Read more]

Demistifying 10 of the hottest super foods

Are you buzzing about bee pollen or doing the cha cha after your breakfast chia yet? Regardless of whether your food consumption is tailored towards making you famous on Instagram, or simply focussed on filling a gap, [Read more]
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