5 of Bondi’s sweetest treats

Got a sweet tooth? Do you crave cakes, lust after layers of chocolate and dream of cookies and cream? I’ve been a fan of sugary things as far back as I can remember and living in Bondi definitely provides many opportunities to indulge.

Whether you’re looking for a dessert after dinner, something to take to a friend’s house or a special something for yourself, here’s a list of 5 of Bondi’s sweetest treats to help guide you on your sugary way.

1. Baked ricotta cheesecake at Pasticceria Papa


Perfect pair – a slice of ricotta cheesecake with a mini bottle of champers! Image via @papaknowsbest

This cheesecake is so melt-in-your-mouth that you’ll simply ignore all of the other tempting biscuits, cakes and sweets in the display case. We go to Papa’s for dessert a lot and I can’t bear to order anything else and miss out on this cheesecake. The shell is light and crispy while the ricotta cake inside is smooth and creamy.

If you’re in any way shape or form trying to curb your sugar intake, then you could opt for the mini ricotta cakes – otherwise, dive into a large slice, (you can also take a whole cake to take home for the family – not something I would do as it would be too tempting to have that kind of temptation in the fridge!).

Tip: Make sure you ask for the freshest slice on the day

Cost: $5 for a take-away slice ($7 eat-in), $29 for a small cake or $39 for a large

Location: Shop LG 1–4, 75–79 Hall Street, Bondi Beach | Go to ppapa.com.au for more info


2. Gelato at Gelato Messina

Fairy bread Messina

Unfortunately for my thighs, I would suffer the queues outside Gelato Messina every day if I gave in to my cravings.

Gelato Messina has been voted ‘best gelato in Australia’ by the Good Food Guide, and by the hundreds of people who queue for their mouth-watering gelatos and cakes across Australia every day (they have six stores in Sydney and Melbourne).

With 40 ‘freshly churned’ flavours on offer every day and five specials (a new one every week day), you may find yourself having to make life changing decisions under extreme pressure as the person behind you breathes down your neck.

Tip: Try to go on a week-day afternoon if you hate queues

Cost: $4 for one scoop, $6 for two scoops (you can also get large tubs of take-away)

Location: 61 Hall Street, Bondi | Go to www.gelatomessina.com/au for more info.


3. Hotcakes at Harry’s

Hotcakes at Harry's Bondi

These all day hotcakes are jam-packed with lovely, sticky, juicy fruits, clotted cream and runny syrup. You may not get through a whole hotcake on your own so bring a friend to share it with.

Tip: Make sure you’re not in a rush, they bake the hotcakes and ours took over 20 minutes from ordering – it was worth the wait though
Price: $17.50
Location: 136 Wairoa Ave, Bondi| Head to Harry’s cafe Facebook page for opening times


4. Eclairs at Masion de L’eclaire

Eclairs from Maison de le'clair

Three delicious eclairs – very hard to settle on just one!

French pastry chefs Frederic and Laurence Caillon decided that it was time for the eclair to regain its former pastry glory and shove the crumbly macaron aside – so they opened an entire cafe dedicated to these sticky, fingery delights.

I hadn’t eaten an eclair since I could remember, but decided to drop by on my way to a friend’s house to find out whether this really was the start of a new eclair era.

Well, I wasn’t disappointed – my only complaint is that there were too many to choose from! The pastry was just the right amount of chewy and they were bursting at the seams with creamy, flavoured fillings. Topped with an amazing assortment of fruits and sugary accompaniments, I almost couldn’t bear to take a bite for fear of ruining the artistry. That moment of hesitation was fleeting… thankfully I still have the photo to drool over until next time.

Tip: Wait until you’ve got a special occasion or friends visiting, then you can try a whole selection at one time! You may find it too traumatic to choose just one…

Cost: $7.50 per eclair (they also have mini eclairs if you’re catering for a party)

Location: 91 Bondi Road, Bondi | Click on lemaisondeleclair.com for more info


5. Cronuts from Speedos cafe

Cronuts from Speedo's cafe

The eye watering selection of cronuts at Speedos – worth the walk up the hill

Speedos have up to 10 gasp-inducing flavours of cronut on offer on any one day. Recent flavours have included Oreo crumb with a Nutella injection, smors, white chocolate, fig and pistachio, white chocolate and raspberry, and salted caramel.

I was a cronut virgin until I went to Speedos – lucky a visit involves a walk up a steep hill or I may have been back more often to try the whole selection!

Location: 126 Ramsgate Avenue, North Bondi   | Check out the Speedos Cafe website for more info


I don’t advocate trying all of these in one week…but if you’re only in Bondi for a week, it would be a shame not to!


Tracey @ What’s New Bondi xx

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