6 Bondi cafes that have become institutions

With around 50 cafes to choose from, Bondi residents and visitors are spoilt for choice when it comes to getting a feed and a coffee fix.

Many Bondi cafes have come and gone over the years, however; there are a handful that have stood the test of time to become institutions and still remain the place to be, and to be seen.

1. Gusto Espresso Bar – 1/16 Hall St, Bondi Beach

A favourite of Bondi locals since the ’90s.


Some describe Gusto as ‘rustic’ – I would class it as relaxed and unpretentious; the focus is on the coffee and food and not about interior design trends. You don’t need to bring your foodie dictionary along to translate the menu for you.

“Gusto Espresso Bar has been part of the furniture in Bondi for more years than some of our (adult) customers have lived,” explains Alexis from Gusto. “We’ve seen it go through many changes, yet manage to hold onto that special something.”

The best things about Gusto espresso bar:

  • Casual atmosphere and relaxed vibe
  • Great coffee
  • Brekkie rolls
  • Early opening times


2. Le Paris Go Cafe – 38 Hall Street, Bondi Beach

Where all the cool kids hang when they’re not actually in Paris…


Le Paris Go Cafe was THE cafe to be seen on weekends when I was in my baby-free, clubbing days of the naughties. It still attracts a glamorous crowd and is always full, so I can only imagine it is still one of the places on the list for those wanting to mingle and be seen.

The menu is orientated towards casual breakfast, brunch and lunch situations and includes burgers, pastas and eggs every way you like them.

The best things about Le Paris Go:

  • Great for people watching
  • Awesome vibe on a  sunny day

Note: Le Paris Go is very small, jam packed with tables and always seems to be bursting at the seams so be prepared to wait for a table


3. Gertrude and Alice cafe/book store – 46 Hall Street, Bondi

Coffee, wine and friendly chatter amongst towering bookshelves.


The Gertrude and Alice cafe has been a welcoming Bondi institution for years. I’ve spent many a Sunday afternoon teasing out life’s little tangles and knots while huddled in a corner with friends, or tucked away by myself with a chai tea and an obscure book for company.

A visit to Bondi wouldn’t be complete without at least popping in for a browse through the shelves. You can buy or sell second hand books, pick up some locally made cards or just perch yourself on a stool to find out more about ‘Monsters in the movies’ or ‘What makes a hero’.

The best things about Gertrude and Alice:

  • The friendly, cosy atmosphere
  • The option to while away hours with a warming chai and a good book
  • The home-made scones and muffins

4. Jed’s food store – 60 Warners Avenue, North Bondi

Tummy filling food with South American and Caribbean flavours in a cool corner of North Bondi.

Image of the front of Jed's Food Store Bondi

More of a cafe than a store, Jed’s has been a fixture in this quiet, shady corner of North Bondi for many years. While the decor has changed  (Jed’s has recently had a spruce up), the Caribbean inspired menu has remained pretty similar.

The best things about Jed’s:

  • The spicy, tummy filling food
  • The quiet, shady surroundings
  • The amazing selection of eggs – an egg lover’s paradise


5. Speedo’s – 126 Ramsgate Avenue, North Bondi

Healthy, delicious meals with a million dollar view.


Unpretentious and casual, everyone is welcome at Speedo’s.

Rush hour is 6-8am when the cafe is buzzing with people who’ve just come in from a dawn ocean swim or sand run. On any day of the week you could find a mixture of local families, retirees, business people pecking away at lap tops or backpackers planning the next leg of their trip.

The odd celebrity has been known to visit including Gerard Butler, Paris Hilton and Ronan Keating, but they are still as down to earth as ever.

The best things about Speedo’s:

  • The extensive menu with a choice of ‘clean’, ‘mean’ and ‘in between’ options to suit every taste and diet requirement
  • The views
  • The buzzy atmosphere at dawn as early exercisers stop by for their caffeine fix on the way home

Check out my list of Bondi’s sweetest treats for a note on their divine selection of Cronuts!


6. Harry’s espresso bar – 136 Wairoa Avenue, Bondi

This neighbourhood favourite has just had a glamorous face-lift.

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 2.23.19 pm

With a majestic, turquoise espresso machine that practically purrs as it delivers your daily caffeine fix and interiors and mood lighting straight out of the pages of Vogue Living, it appears that no detail was overlooked with the 2015 renovation of Harry’s Bondi.

Harry’s has always been a coffee stop for North Bondi locals on their way to the beach and still remains a breakfast and brunch favourite. Along with the renovation and expansion of their space they have now added dinner on Thursday and Friday evenings.

The best things about Harry’s:

  • The all-day baked hotcakes
  • The proximity to the beach and Bondi markets
  • The beautiful interiors




Tracey @ What’s New Bondi x

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