What’s New Bondi weekly news roundup

The best of Bondi news linkage from around the web – quick links to my top Bondi news reads of the week

(WARNING: some articles may be nothing more than z-list celebrity spotting and fluff, but who needs heavy stuff on a Friday?!)

1. For those who like a good hoax story

Photobombing shark at Bondi a bit fishy, photographer says

Head to this SMH.com.au article to read why an ‘expert’ photographer thinks that Bondi trainer Spot Anderson’s photo of a shark swimming near him during an ocean swim is a hoax. If you’ve ever met Spot you’ll know he’s a bit of a joker, so it wouldn’t surprise me if this was all for a laugh! This story has been wrung for every drop this week and is doing the rounds on pretty much every news service – congrats to Spot for achieving that 5 seconds of fame and more.

2. For those who like their beef hunky

Sydney’s best steaks: Your guide to finding a top hunk of beef in Sydney

Cut into this Sydney Taste article at the Daily Telegraph to find out which Bondi eatery has been nominated as a purveyor of top hunks…

3. For those who like their exercise to be magpie free

Magpie attack on runner – 44 Blair St, North Bondi

Ok, this isn’t a news story but an alert – did you know there was actually a website where you could record and find out about magpie attacks? Well now you do, and now you’ll know to don one of those bike helmets with spiky plastic things sticking out of the top next time you have to run down Blair Street.

4. For the business minded

11 tips for a successful Australian start-up

Head to the Huffington Post to read this informative article featuring savvy business tips from Belinda Everingham, the successful  creator of local homewares business Bondi Wash.

5. For those desperate for a bit of shirtless ‘celebrity’ spotting

The block’s Cam Scott and son Charlie enjoy a shirtless stroll on Bondi Beach

Well we couldn’t end a week without some Daily Mail fluff, so here it is. The article includes my favourite OTT ‘what they wore’ descriptions, which in this case include the insightful observation that Cam not only ‘teamed’ his blue shorts with a black vest top (he must have spent all morning picking out that outfit, just in case he was papped by the fashion police) but that ‘the star donned shades and protected his head from the sun with a baseball cap.’ I’m sure you’re all taking notes on Cam’s trend-setting style statements and are rushing out now to find a black vest top to team with your blue shorts.


And that is this week’s Bondi news roundup from the desk of What’s New Bondi. Please may this storm subside so that I can get off this office chair and back out into the glorious sunshine.

Have a great weekend,

Tracey @ What’s New Bondi xx

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