DEAD studios – streetwear evolution on Bondi Road

I spend many hours a day negotiating Bondi’s precarious pavements, so my wardrobe is becoming increasingly focused towards streetwear – stilettos and silk dresses just aren’t roadworthy in this urban jungle of ours.

I know that I’m in good company, as many locals show a preference for relaxed threads – adding a refined touch with the addition of hats, scarves and accessories that transition perfectly from beach-front to wine bar.

Excited to see that the pop-up for Bondi streetwear label DEAD Studios has now turned into a concrete flagship store, I ventured in to have a chat to creative director Sam Moore (and ask whether they could please turn the back-to-front E in their logo the right way… he he).


An evolution in streetwear

Creative Director Sam Moore, originally from New Zealand, studied graphic design before moving to Australia and settling in Bondi. After a stint as head designer/buyer for General Pants, he wanted to do something that would allow him to represent his own personal style.


“Dead Studios has always been about designing garments that myself and my staff want to wear,” Sam told me over the enticing hum of their new espresso machine. “Because at the end of the day, if we aren’t going to wear it, then who else is? I have always been involved in the rag trade, and starting my own brand has always been on the cards from day dot.”

Sam describes Dead Studios as an avant-street lifestyle brand – representing contemporary luxury that has evolved past high-street wear, while retaining its iconic styling cues.

After nailing it with menswear, the range has recently grown to include a full lifestyle collection with the introduction of womenswear for the impending spring/summer 2015.



“I have always had a passion for fine design and architecture,” Sam explains. “I have a pretty minimal design preference, which I suppose is portrayed on to the garments I design and my own personal style.”

The Dead Studios aesthetic focuses on simple statement pieces in black and white blocks. Large-scale logo placements add visual breaks, while minimalist patterns, embellishments and fabric embossing create texture and sophistication.

Sam describes Dead’s garments as ‘luxury streetwear,’ and there’s definitely  a superior quality to the cut and fabrics to back that statement up.

“We spend a lot of time working with our factories to use the best techniques, fabrics and washes,” he notes. “Our garments have the luxury feel at an affordable price.”


Global influence

Having previously worked in the world of influencer marketing, I know the value of engaging brand ambassadors in setting the stage for long-term brand success. This has been a key factor underpinning the growing popularity of the label.

“Dead Studios delivers to a new breed of driven, global fashion influencers,” says Moore, who has chosen a variety of fashion, music and lifestyle ambassadors to introduce the brand to the right people.

“These ambassadors are our family and help to push the boundaries of our brand’s current identity through their creative inputs.”


Brand ambassador @djtigerlily

Dead Studios have recently partnered with All Press coffee, so you can pick up a shot from 6am while you check out the range. Next steps for the brand are the launch of their eyewear in late 2015 and the second part of their collaboration series.

Location: 189 Bondi Rd, Bondi


Tracey @ What’s New Bondi xx

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