What’s New Bondi weekly news roundup

The best of Bondi news linkage from around the web – quick links to my top Bondi news reads of the week

(WARNING: some articles may be nothing more than z-list celebrity spotting and fluff, but who needs heavy stuff on a Friday?!)

1. For those desperately seeking parking, or looking to make a little extra cash:

‘Rent a Bondi driveway – how to beat the beachside parking squeeze.’

This could be fantastic if executed in the right way! Read more about this brilliant initiative via the Daily Telegraph

2. For those who like a chuckle with an splash of irony and intellect

‘The latest Bondi Hipster interview with Amy Shumer and Bill Hayder highlights sexism perfectly.’

This interview is so on point – head to The Fashionspot.com to view the video.

3. For those so desperately into celeb spotting that they’ll update their Facebook status after seeing anyone remotely related to a famous person 

‘Actress playing Crown Princess Mary in TV movie works up a sweat as she films running scenes on iconic Bondi Beach.’

I dare you to admit to your friends that you read this article in The Daily Mail

4. For those who remember the Doug Anthony All Stars, or Good News Week

“Paul McDermott’s secret Sydney.”

Who’s Paul McDermott? I’m far too young to know (Ok, I have been known to watch Room 101 occasionally), but fans can find out about his best Bondi hangouts and desperation to find a good cup of boiling water via this interview at SMH.com.au


And that this week’s Bondi news roundup from the desk of What’s New Bondi.

Have a great weekend,

Tracey @ What’s New Bondi xx

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