Bondi Tony’s burger joint

WHAT: Burgers, shakes and rock ‘n’ roll

WHERE: 1/144-148 Glenayr Avenue, Bondi

Bondi Tony’s burger joint is the new hot-spot rocking the block. I popped in for a shake and fries on a Thursday night and the place was buzzing, with all tables full before 8pm. The digs are pretty cosy, but with tall benches inside that have been set up for sharing and plenty of heated seating options outside, available space has been maximised.


Owner Tony Gosden, a local from way back, had spent a while looking for a place to open a venue of his own after a stint as owner of Bondi bar The Crossing and many years managing and promoting bands. When I spoke to him prior to opening, he told me he was stoked to have finally found the perfect venue to bring his vision to the local community.

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Orgasmic piccalilli

While I didn’t try a burger myself last night, it seems that they are going down a treat.

Bill Moskovich of ‘The Fatties burger appreciation society’ dropped in recently to try a Humpty Dumpty Smash (crispy bacon, egg, hash brown, piccalilli, chutney) and had this to say to his fellow burger loving brothers:

“Woke up pretty late and hungover, not one to miss meals, I thought a brekky burger would do the trick…The chutney and piccalilli was amazing and sent my mouth into orgasm… bun held together perfectly and cost me 14 all up.”

Rocking the joint

Tony designed the concept and fit-out himself and has surrounded himself with memories of his music industry days by filling the painted black walls with event posters. Speaker cases have been re-purposed as low tables for outdoor diners. If only there was room for a small stage inside, the vision would be complete.


Bondi Tony’s music theme has been carried through to the menu with burger extras such as cheese and egg described as ‘encores’, and sides (fries, slaw, olives) as ‘session musos’.

The burger list is suitably rock’n roll and includes the Trippin Zeahorse (grass fed beef, crispy free range Ms Piggy, lettuce, tasty cheese, tomato relish), Just a Jezabel (free range chicken marinated over night in a honey ginger soy, crumbed and panfried with rock slaw, guacamole and spicy mayo) and the Johnny Collide (house made corn and chickpea pattie, crispy onion rings, sautéed field mushrooms, tasty cheese, tomato relish).

The Trippin Zeahorse - Bondi Tony's most popular burger. Image via Bondi Tony's.

The Trippin Zeahorse – Bondi Tony’s most popular burger. Image via Bondi Tony’s.

I’ll be heading back to try one of those bad boys very soon!

Beer is available on tap and in bottles. Shakes come the old-fashioned way in a frosty, stainless steel cup.

If you’re after a takeaway, you can ring Tony in advance to put in an order.

Tue to Fri 5pm–11pm
Sat & Sun 12pm–11pm

Head to Bondi Tony’s Facebook page of more info, including more photos of those juicy burgers.


Tracey @ What’s New Bondi xx

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