Bondi Winter Magic ice rink 2015

Australia’s only beach-side ice skating rink opens for its annual season on Saturday June 20. Dust off those ear muffs and puffa jackets to look the part as you whizz around the rink, being careful not to trip over a penguin as you admire the beach view while you skate.

Penguins? On Bondi Beach? Not the waddling, flapping ones unfortunately, but very cute nonetheless. These penguins are little balance frames that children can hold while finding their feet on the ice.

Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 12.58.35 pm

Mayor of Waverley Council Sally Betts said, “The Bondi ice-rink is one of Bondi’s most popular attractions at this time of year. It is also further proof that Bondi is fast becoming one of Sydney’s much loved winter as well as summer destinations.”


If you’re in Bondi on Friday June 19, you may catch a glimpse of some stars on ice. Former Olympic skating champions have been invited to a pre-opening day to ‘break in the rink’, along with Bondi Lifeguards from the Bondi Rescue TV show.

Skating sessions run for 45 minutes starting every hour on the hour between 10am and 9pm daily.

The rink is open from 20 June to 12 July and tickets are on sale now. It’s worth booking in advance to make sure you get a spot at a time that suits you – many of the sessions sell out well before the rink opens. You can purchase tickets at

Cheers, Tracey @ What’s New Bondi xx

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