Healthy inspiration from swimwear designer Renee Kounis of Neyku

Renee Kounis, creator of Bondi swimwear brand Neyku, is inspiring more than just admiring looks through her sizzling hot bikini brand. A creative thinker with a passion for healthy living (she also runs a personal training business), she’s inspiring young women to do the best for their bodies and to love themselves for who they are, both inside and out.

“The brand is all about inspiring women to believe in themselves: to be the best they can be and to follow their dreams,” says Renee. “I like to take them to a place where they believe that anything is possible.”


Neyku designer and owner, Renee Kounis

Inspiration runs through every thread

Neyku’s social media feeds and blog are a great example of this. They are full of fun, inspiring quotes designed to get followers thinking (and laughing) about the journey of life and where it could take them. Renee is weaving this ethos into everything, including working with manufacturers to have inspirational messages placed throughout the Neyku brand.


A little bit cheeky

The core look of Neyku’s colourfully playful swimwear actually came about through Renee’s own desire to find a simple but fun bikini that no-one else had, but that everyone was looking for.

“I was always looking for something fun and cheeky and I know that’s what my audience are after as well.”

Neyku bikinis have been featured in advertising campaigns and are always in hot demand by fashion stylists. The cuts have remained similar since Renee started the label, however the bottoms have recently been redesigned to have a little less material as the more revealing cut is what people are now asking for. The most popular cut is called the ‘cheeky bum’.


The secrets to a banging bikini body

Being a personal trainer as well as a swimwear designer, I asked Renee to share the secrets to achieving a banging bikini body (now that bikinis are revealing even more bum, it couldn’t hurt to tone those cheeks up a little!).

“Get your body moving daily,” she’s says. “Our bodies are meant to MOVE! So get sweaty, push it. Do things you love and challenge it a little, it will love you for it.”

Renee also believes in the importance of good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

“What you eat is the biggest factor in your ability to lose weight and stay in shape. However, getting enough sleep, being around people with good energy and having a positive mindset are also very important. Your path in life often comes down to the way you think. Some people are scared to look within and would rather focus on everyone else or be distracted by over eating, consuming alcohol, or numbing out by watching TV.”

She believes that if we’re not happy with where we’re at, the key is to start making changes – big or small.

“Start being OK with getting out of your comfort zone. For people who want a super lean, healthy body and happy life, with the right tools and lifestyle changes, it is definitely possible!”


Renee’s three best tips for losing weight and keeping it off

1. Set your goals.

“Keep them specific, achievable and measurable. Getting fit and losing weight isn’t good enough – you need to know when you’ve arrived at your goal.


  • Training that includes a variety of activities such as yoga, weights, dance and jogging – 5 days a week
  • Only having two cheat meals per week
  • Running 10kms
  • Having 3 x hours to myself a week relaxing
  • Getting to sleep by 10pm every night and up by 7am to exercise

These are specific, measurable and achievable goals.”

2. Have a plan

“It’s imperative to have a plan that looks after your exercise, food and nutrition, sleep patterns, mindset, and spirit. Failing to make a plan is like driving from Sydney to Queensland without a road map or road signs. You probably won’t make it.”

3. Work on yourself from the inside out.

“Get to know yourself. Explore your thoughts and your beliefs about yourself and the world. If they are not working for you, question them.

You must believe in yourself 100% to achieve anything in life, otherwise you will just give up when things get to tough. Learn to be your own best friend.”

Starting the day right

I’ve always been told that starting the day with a good breakfast is a key factor in achieving or maintaining a healthy body. Here are some great breakfast options that Renee recommends:

  1. A healthy green breakfast smoothie (click here for recipe and more info)
  2. Fruit with organic yogurt and mixed seeds
  3. 2 eggs, smashed avocado with lemon, and tomato on spelt or rye toast

“All three examples have a great variety of macro nutrients, vitamins and minerals and will start the day with optimum energy and vitality,” says Renee. “You really are what you eat. Food rebuilds and revitalises your body and mind, so remember to choose a variety of clean, high quality (organic if possible) food. Avoid packaged foods and fill your body with lots of fresh produce.”


Renee is currently designing fun new prints for her bikinis as well as a fabulous fitness range for 2015.

Check out to see this season’s Neyku swimwear range.


Tracey @ What’s New Bondi xx

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