SUV2 brownies

WHAT: Vegan brownies that will treat your taste buds as well as your conscience

WHERE: SUV2 B.U at 102 Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach (also at 40 Ebley St, Bondi Junction)

This week I decided to try a vegan brownie from SUV2. I’m not vegan but I figure that if I can indulge in something delicious while being kind to the planet and my health, all the better.

The brownie was densely packed, with a moist texture and great flavours that appealed to my sweet tooth. SUV bake a different flavoured brownie each day – this time the stand out flavour was liquorice (due to the inclusion of liquorice root), with hints of cacao and macadamia (other ingredients include cacao butter, macadamias, currants, slippery elm and coconut oil).


Verdict: Well worth the $5 price tag as I was able to save half to enjoy the next day.

nb: You may want to check their Facebook page or phone ahead to find out which flavour they have as brownie flavours change each day.

Did you know?…

According to ‘Your Health‘, the liquorice root contains an active component called Glycyrrhizin, which  is 50 times sweeter than sugar and gives licorice its characteristic taste.

The liquorice root is said to have many health benefits including the ability to soothe coughs, reduce mental and emotional stress, protect the liver, and help with digestive disorders and inflammatory conditions.

More info about SUV (or ‘The Suveran):

The Suveran is ‘all about serving humanity and the community, educating people on real issues in the world today, including health and nutrition.’ As part of their ‘Free Food Initiative’ they give organic food to local schools and indigenous communities.

All food is sugar free, dairy free, flour free, gluten free, wheat free, yeast free, grain free, soy free, egg free, legume free, tap water and nightshade free.

Their sprouted bread is the bomb, so if you’re not into brownies, pop in to try the sprouted bread. SUV2 also have a sauna for detoxing, some gym equipment out back and lots of interesting characters to chat to!

Check out their website for more helpful info.



Tracey @ What’s New Bondi

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