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Jasn Altn flagship store

WHAT: ‘Romantically interruptive articles of distinction’ www.jasnaltn.com

WHERE: 3/157 Gould Street, Bondi Beach

Alton_Ring-114Until this week I didn’t know that inverted diamond jewellery existed, or that diamonds could look so beautiful when turned upside down. I definitely didn’t know that gold plated, inverted diamond shoelaces were a thing… but if you’ve got a bit of swagger and a few (thousand) spare coins to drop, you can get a pair right here in Bondi at the Jasn Altn flagship store.

Jason Alton (the man behind the Jasn Altn brandobviously) is a self-confessed hopeless romantic who creates diamonds with a ‘rock-star twist’. A talented Bondi local who brought Nudie jeans to our shores, Jason’s new flagship store showcases his unconventional unisex jewellery and clothing range. With all the luxe and attitude that Bondi now exudes, the timing couldn’t be better. I was lucky enough to meet Jason this week as he got the store ready for opening and was blown away by how super cool and down to earth he is. Having asked him what drew him to jewellery design, he said that he loves how it ties into pop culture, music and fashion, becoming part of how you build your personal brand.

Walking into the boutique and seeing inverted diamonds for the first time, there seemed to be something a bit fetish about the range. However, the overall feeling is one of urban luxury with a rock n roll attitude or ‘beautifully disruptive elegance’ as Jason better describes it.

FuckParis-maclay-heriot-102Ghetto-gown t-shirts emblazoned with messages like F&*% you Paris are flanked by glowing, padlocked boxes showcasing sexy inverted diamonds set in 18k yellow gold rings. Heads up – this is not a place to find costume jewellery; craftsmanship, precious metals and brilliant cut diamonds combine to make every one of Jason’s items a distinctive investment piece.

His launch collection ‘Amor Fati’ features inverted multiple, round brilliant, colourless diamonds set in either 4mm or 6mm, 18K Yellow Gold, Platinum, or Platinum with Ruthenium finish band.

“Like a razor love has the ability to cut deeply into the depths of our souls whilst caressing the deepest part of our being. The JASN ALTN Amor Fati collection is an affirmation of this” JASON ALTON

Photo 2014-08-14, 6 57 14 AMHe will soon be adding a new range called ‘Amor Noir’ featuring black inverted diamonds.

Besides the ‘Amor Fati’ and ‘Amor Noir’ ranges, he has also designed an expanding collection of 18k solid gold rings, bracelets and earrings called ‘Rich$Kidd’. Offering extravagant statement pieces (with tongue firmly in cheek), the collection will soon include a solid gold and diamond grill. Unconventional and perhaps a little ostentatious, I found myself wishing I could stack 3 to a finger before leaving in a black Maserati to party with Richie Rich and Lil Wayne.

Jason has an amazing vision for the brand and has plans to expand internationally, his heart set on a second store in Venice Beach, LA. I wish Jason all the best in Bondi and hope that Gould Street becomes a magnet for more brands of luxury and distinction.

photoLove Tracey @ What’s New Bondi x


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